Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something New: Samosas and Cricket

Sometimes when you attend a sporting event it turns out to not be about the game, but about the food.

Yesterday we attended a cricket match; one of the sponsors was a Hillsborough business - DreamCricket.com. While at the game we tried a vegetarian samosa, a triangular pastry stuffed with what seemed to be potatoes, peas, onion, and some spices.

Fabulous and, if baked and not fried, a seemingly relatively healthy dish.

The HNJJ CHEF staff has been researching samosas (pronounced with the emphasis on the second syllable) and is unsure if they can reproduce what they tasted yesterday.

There is an online video showing how to make fried vegetarian samosas. As with all things internet, there are numerous variations posted - from the fillings to the type of pastry used for the wrapping, to the baking-versus-frying cookstyle - like this receipt or this one.

Maybe we can find a local source or discover who supplied the ones we ate yesterday.

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