Monday, February 19, 2007


Hillsborough NJ has been around over 200 years, changing from a sparsely settled farm community to a Central Jersey bedroom suburb. While some of the old farms still exist and the township is trying to preserve the Sourland Mountain region, in the last twenty-five-or-so years change has accelerated as high-rises and planned-unit developments have arrived. The fields are shrinking while the housing developments are growing and every new-home owner thinks that their home should be the last one built.

Change can be a hard thing – good or bad. If it occurs slowly, creeping up on us, it can be adapted to with a certain amount of grace. If it comes on quickly, it can be harder to accept.

And recently as the changes have gathered speed, they may not have been handled quite as gracefully as they might have been.

With this in mind, I decided to start a blog centered on life in Hillsborough. There will be some educational content. The opinions expressed are mine. I will comment on topics that have nothing to do with Hillsborough.

Welcome to my Hillsborough NJ Journal.