Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Rose!

Today I am HNJJ's guest poster - Rose. One year ago today I left a dog pound in north Jersey - these days called an animal control facility - and came home to my family in Hillsborough.

Before that happy day, I spent three months with the nice people at animal control after being turned in to the animal control officer with my step-brother (we were supposed to have been wandering around a neighborhood). They arranged for some surgery that I needed for a large bladder stone, helped me to recover, and then put my picture up on Petfinder.

I don't know why it took so long for someone to come and adopt me, but the animal people were adamant that my new parents had to understand my special diet.

One Friday a couple from Hillsborough who had seen my picture on Petfinder brought their dog Sweet Lady up so we could all meet. Things went very well, so they arranged to pick me up on Monday after I made one more trip to the vet for some final shots.

We had a nice trip home and I settled in with Sweet Lady and the two cats Silver and TeTe.

There were a few minor glitches. A few housebreaking problems after three months in a kennel and bladder stone surgery. A habit of emptying garbage cans, unrolling toilet paper, and emptying all the items out of unzipped gym bags. Removing wallets from pants pockets and then emptying the wallets; luckily I didn't chew up any of the paper that I took from the wallets.

The second week of December Silver, one of the cats, and Sweet Lady both died. They were each thirteen-years-old and had been sick. I helped the rest of the family to get through that. We gained another cat, Toonces.

I spent this past year going to a lot of stuff around Hillsborough - concerts, the bank, Somerville Cruise. the tow path - and lots of walks. I made a lot of friends.

I have contributed a lot to the HNJJ blog by posing for photographs. Valentines' Day, Christmas, rabies clinic, Labor Day. I am very photogenic and pretty much willing to pose most of the time - although it takes a while sometimes.

Well, I hope to see you more as the years pass and, please, consider adopting someone like me if you are looking for a dog. (or like Toonces if you want a cat).

This is in remembrance of Silver...

...and Sweet Lady...

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