Friday, September 10, 2010

Dog Lover's Heaven

Central Jersey dog lovers have an opportunity to indulge their doggie devotion this weekend with some of the largest dog shows in the tri-state area being held right here at the 4-H Fairgrounds on Milltown Road in Bridgewater.

Today (sorry, too late) the Tuxedo Park Kennel Club Show was held with 1,400 dogs registered [see above slide-show]. Tomorrow, Saturday, is the Somerset Hills Kennel Club Show with 2,000 dogs entered. Sunday the Westchester Kennel Club Show will be held with about 1,600 dogs.

This is an opportunity to see the breeds that may interest you and, when they aren't showing, talk to the owners, handlers, and groomers working with the dogs.

Don't only watch the breed competitions (sometimes called the beauty shows), but take time to see the obedience dogs do their thing.

There are also a number of vendors there. Although they aren't likely to be the cheapest around, they will probably have that one odd item that you have been trying to find. Food is available for purchase, although, once again, not the cheapest around.

Also, notice how quiet the show grounds are with thousands of dogs there.

Just a few dog show etiquette tips:
*Don't try to talk to handlers who are waiting to go into the ring; they are working at that moment. The same with the groomers.
*Don't distract dogs who are in the ring by hanging on the fences, calling the dogs, or offering them treats. It isn't fair to distract them after all the hard work they put in to get that far.
*Keep your children well-behaved and under control. This isn't a playground.
*If you dog is well-behaved, under control, and up-to-date with all shots, you may take them onto the show grounds at these shows. [This is not true at all shows.]

I don't know why they had to go to a dog show to see other dogs when they have me...

For more information on the Somerset Hills Kennel Club show schedule, go here.

For information on the Westchester Kennel Club Show go here.

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