Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hillsborough Samosas

Ask and you shall receive!

It was only yesterday that the HNJJ crew was trying to locate a source of vegetarian samosas, an Asian pastry served at a cricket match we attended over the weekend.

Unfortunately the ones at the match were supplied by someone from out of the area, but we were referred by an Indian friend to Divine Curry in Kingsbridge Center (the mall catty-corner from the Municipal Building/Library).

We went there and found what we were looking for and tried both the vegetarian and the lamb samosas. They were smaller than the ones we had over the weekend - more like an appetizer than a meal - but just as tasty. The lamb filling was a little dry, but served with three different dipping sauces that made up for it.

Divine Curry has a buffet lunch during the week which seems like a perfect chance to sample a other Indian/Asian dishes without committing to an entire meal of something you may or may not like.

We'll let you know how it goes.
The Divine Curry website can be viewed here. They also have take-out service.

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