Saturday, August 28, 2010

Raptor v. Squirrel

A few years ago we developed squirrel problems.

First they attacked our bird feeders. It took us several tries to figure out a way to discourage their messy and expensive visits.

Being banned (more or less) from the bird feeders must have riled them up. As revenge they chewed through our siding and insulation into the attic, necessitating an expensive visit from Mr. Squirrel the Removal Guy.

But early one morning last year I looked out into the back yard and noticed...something missing. It is confusing for a few moments to identify the absence of something, but finally it dawned on me that their were no squirrels running rampant around the yard.

Then I noticed this...

Later we found the raptor nest in one of our old evergreens. They are a lot cheaper than the squirrel guy and neat and efficient.

I have noticed the turkey buzzards along Hillsborough's roadsides performing similar work.

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