Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Driving 101: Raider Blvd. Eastbound at Route 206

Let's talk about the intersection of Raider Boulevard and Route 206. Specifically, driving on Raider Boulevard eastbound approaching Route 206 - the area where you pass Greenfields Lane on your right and the old red barn on your left.

Okay, do you understand where we are?

Now, there is a sign on your right. This sign...

Apparently a fair number of drivers don't understand parts of this sign. It means that you are approaching a three lane area and the left lane is for those turning onto Route 206 North only, the center lane is for those going straight across the highway, and - pay attention now - the right lane is for those turning onto Route 206 South only.

And a few feet down the road at Route 206 there is yet another sign that indicates the same thing...

And there are arrows painted on the road...

The drivers in the left-turn-only lane seem to understand that concept.
The drivers in the center lane all seem to go straight across the highway.

But...for reasons that passeth understanding...an appreciable number of the drivers in the right lane don't seem to understand the right-turn-only instructions. They go straight across. They then cut off the drivers from the center lane who are going - correctly - straight across.

This would be a really good spot for some action by the local gendarmes. They could write so many tickets there that Hillsborough's taxes could go down.

Now, there are those of you who are going to argue that there has been a change in the traffic pattern there and the right lane used to be straight and right. You are correct. That was a long time ago. When you are in a motor vehicle accident the other driver won't want to hear that. The nice officer won't want to hear that. And, trust me, the judge won't want to hear that.

Oh, and I know your insurance company won't be happy either.

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