Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jockey Hollow and Dogs

It's not always easy to find dog friendly activities, but this past week we went on a dog-inspired walk at Jockey Hollow, part of Morristown National Historic Park.

For an hour-and-a-half four humans and two dogs strolled around the park with ranger and historian Erik Olson learning about revolutionary-era humans and their dogs and cats.

We heard about British General Howe losing his dog, which was found by the Americans and returned by General Washington. Most pets were owned by officers and some of the dogs owned by starving troops met an untimely death; be forewarned that not all of the stories were pleasant.

While on our walk, it was obvious that a lot of people use the park to walk their dogs. Dogs are not allowed in the visitors center, don't forget plastic bags for doggie pick-ups, take water along, and keep your dog leashed.

Although the summer programs are ending, the fall schedule may offer more of interest - we hope they continue some doggie programs. The National Park Service Morristown (not only Jockey Hollow) information can be found here.

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