Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Historic Route 206 and Raider Blvd.

Interstate Development Services appeared before Hillsborough’s Historic Preservation Commission last week to “discuss the preservation plan for the relocated Dittmars/Polhemus Barn and the one-story Carriage House”. If this doesn’t ring a bell with you, it’s the construction site at the corner of Route 206 and Raider Boulevard – the one that was previously to contain a CVS and currently is slated to be a Walgreen’s.

According to Interstate’s historic preservation specialist, the two-story 5,000-square-foot barn, which has been moved to the rear of the property, will be stabilized and weatherized until its new purpose is determined, at which time it will be rehabilitated.

The Carriage House – the small building on Route 206 – will be restored to its 18th century beginnings. The shed on the highway side, according to Interstate’s architect, was added about 1920-1930 and he is suggesting that it be removed; as a plus, the Carriage House would be a little further back from traffic. The architect and two members of the commission will make the final decision about the shed after further investigation.

There was some discussion about fixing water drainage problems around the Carriage House.

As an aside, the commission members requested that the developer stop storing materials inside, stop leaning materials against the building, and correct the security problem at the Carriage House - i.e. shut the doors. The Interstate representative [who seemed to be the only person in the room who wasn’t aware of what was occurring] said he would remedy these problems.

Walgreen’s Store is aiming for a May or June opening (“even with a TCO”?).

The meeting was on January 29th. As of February 3rd the Carriage house doors were still not secured; they weren’t even closed.

For photographs of this site, go HERE.

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