Saturday, February 21, 2009


Today is the election for two three-year seats on the Board of Fire Commissioners, the proposed $1.5 million budget, and two additional spending questions regarding updated radios and a new fire truck.

The information provided on the Township website is pretty sparse, but at least it provides the time (2 p.m. to 9 p.m.) and locations for voters.

The Hillsborough Beacon's article tells you everything you should know before voting.

The Courier has a story this morning covering fire commission elections in districts across at least three counties, but, as usual, finding the article online just wasn't worth the work required...although I did find a brief commentary.

Even if you don't have a real interest in the specifics, it's nice to show our volunteer firefighters that you are interested in them and the work they do. And voting on budgets gives you the right to grouse later.

Regarding the proposed purchase of a fire truck by Hillsborough and Neshanic Fire Company (Branchburg): Congratulations to our fire companies on sharing equipment without going through all the politics and who belongs to what party...etc.

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