Saturday, February 21, 2009

Adesa in Hillsborough - Temporarily?

Adesa New Jersey, LLC, the used-car auction company with acres of cars located in Manville behind the movie theater, apparently has run out of room to store their inventory and has come to Hillsborough with their overflow until they can complete additional storage space in Manville.

The Board of Adjustment approved Adesa’s application to store up to 1,265 vehicles at the former GSA postal warehouse site now owned by the Somerset County Improvement Authority.

Adesa has leased the 15.71-acre site at 360 Roycefield Road for one year from Somerset County with the option to extend the lease for a second year if their Manville expansion is not complete.

The Hillsborough site work includes perimeter chain-link fencing, snow fencing around the cars to decrease their visibility, and a security trailer with some minor related utility and other improvements. The cars will be parked on the remaining floor and foundation of the former postal warehouse. There will be no onsite work done on the cars and no fuel storage. Access will be through the existing drive, there will be no additional signs, and the operating hours will be from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

According to the Adesa experts, there should be 30 to 50 road trips a day to the Manville auction site, that is, up to 50 cars out and 50 cars in, each being driven by an Adesa employee. The main route will be Roycefield Road to Dukes Parkway West to Route 206 North and then onto Dukes Parkway East into Manville.

As the lot is not public parking, but vehicle storage, the BOA approved variances for such items as parking space size and aisle width. The Board stated that they would prefer that car carriers not be used, but the applicant did not want to be limited.

While it was pointed out that this lease would provide a revenue stream to Somerset County, what about Hillsborough? As the site will be used for commercial purposes is there any way that property taxes can be collected to offset the increase in emergency services, the increased wear-and-tear on township roads, and increased traffic?

I don't understand the entire concept of the car inventory increasing: the cars come in, the cars are sold, the cars are removed. Right?

BTW, when is the Board of Adjustment going to be videotaped and shown on Channel 25 like the PB and TC?

For more information on Adesa go here.

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Val said...

When H freezes over, or when Walter is no longer at the helm (throne) or when party power switches. Any one of these options might bring BOA meeting to Ch 25. No reason why they shouldn't be broadcast, as the meetings are open to the public, and the issues impact the public.

And yes, the tax question is also a good one.