Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Strip Mall

Local residents have been following the construction of another strip mall on Route 206 at Raider Boulevard.

The former site of Hillsborough Lawn & Garden... slated to become another chain drug store and four other businesses...


HNJJ has some photographs of the barn being moved which will be posted in the future.


Val said...

Looking forward to seeing those photos. Thanks! For keeping us posted.

Greg Gillette said...

The future of this site is on the agenda for the 1-29 Historic Commission meeting, with a rep from the developer scheduled to speak. Re-org meeting is at 7, with the regular meeting to follow. In the multi-purpose room.

P.S. You scooped me, as I have photos that I was about to put up on my blog - but I will defer to you, for now.

Hughes ap Williams said...

Greg, you have more readers than I do and this is important. Please post this information even if you think it's repetitive.

Where are the agendas for the Historic Commission?