Saturday, June 14, 2014

Prospective Jury Duty

This week one of the HNJJ crew had jury duty.  That is not to say that they served on a jury or even saw the inside of a courtroom, but following the receipt of a Jury Summons in the mail and several emails over two weeks-or-so they actually drove into the county seat at 8:30 a.m. one morning to report for jury duty. 

This person forgot what commuting at the same time as people who work "normal" hours is like.  It is not good. Try not to let it effect your mood if you get on a jury.

After finding the parking garage, walking over to the Jury Assembly Room via the courthouse metal detector, and checking in, the waiting began.  The jury assembly room is in a beautiful historic church that even contains four Tiffany stained glass windows.
The waiting room has a small library, some games, tables, coffee and tea, and a microwave.

Finally, the nice jury duty lady gave the welcoming informational speech and the potential jurors screened the NJ Judiciary Juror Orientation Video Part 1: You the Juror.  This is an interesting movie that everyone should watch, even if they haven't been summonsed for jury duty.  But, the HNJJ crew member - being a type A person - had already watched the movie at home.

 By late morning the peanut-butter-and jelly sandwich brought for lunch was beckoning. But just then, the nice jury duty lady made an announcement that we were free to go as our potential case had settled.

The remainder of the week consisted of several more emails advising that the jurors did not have to report and finally thanking the jurors for their service.

Interesting, but kind-of a disappointment and makes for a rather boring HNJJ post which won't have to be repeated for three years.

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