Friday, June 13, 2014

My Brother's Adventure circa 1944

This letter was found in the family papers of one of the HNJJ crew.  Lyn is the crew member's older brother.  It was brought to mind after reading Barry Carter's article this morning in The Star-Ledger about the restoration of Newark's Military Park. 

                                                                                96 Grand Avenue
                                                                                   Newark, 6, New Jersey
Dear Mother, Dad & Janice;

Here is a little note you can put in your scrap book and thank your lucky stars you weren't here.

Lyn and the little boy (3 1/2 yrs.) next door were lost from 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. yesterday. 

The radio police from Newark, East Orange and Orange were out looking for them

All the boys over 12 who had bicycles for a couple blocks around were out looking, too.

The neighbors in the whole block were out. they were just grand.  The men who were working nights got up from bed and took their cars and scouted around the streets.

They were found in the Public Service terminal downtown.

They were trying to buy a horse.  They had been around some of the stores.  They had been down by the Passaic river  and seen the boats. (That's past Penn Station)  They had tried to get on a bus but the buses wouldn't stop.  They had been down the subway at Public Service to try and get on a trolley.  They had been in military park and watched the pidgeons.  A soldier had bought them a coca-cola each.  When they took them to the police station they had a better time yet the police gave them sandwiches and tea and took them to see the horses.

They had walked all the way.  They looked too tired to move when they were brought home.  It certainly was an adventure for them.  They had a grand time.

Every time I think of all the busy streets they crossed my hair stands on end.  I was quite sick yesterday and the people next door were terrible.  I called Midge up to let him know and they sent him home.  the man next door came home too.

When the police brought them home the neighbors were outside our house to welcome them.

Some catholic children had gone over to the church to light candles for their safe return.

I was afraid some one had picked them up or that they had gone up the mountain where I took the children for a picnic.  If they wandered up there they would never be found.

When they found them Lyn said he wasn't lost.  He knew the way home.

They had made an announcement over the local station down here and were just going to send out a general alarm to a couple states in case someone had picked them up.  They had come here for their pictures. (I mean the police by they)  I was going to call you if they had sent out a general alarm because it would have been in the paper up there.

                  Love from us all
                  Alice, Bill & children

The cop said don't whip them they are such cute wellbehaved little boys.  I don't think so now!!!!!

I don't know if you can understand this jumble of words, but this is how my mind is working today. (You can tell Bill's mother I don't feel up to writing two letters right now.  I'm still upset.)

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