Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Shoppes at Woods Tavern Denied

This evening the Hillsborough Township Board of Adjustment denied the application of The Shoppes at Woods Tavern-Hillsborough Towne Center Associates by a six-to-one vote.

The applicant had proposed a mixed-use development at the corner of Route 206 and Amwell Road. Located on a 5.1389-acre lot on the intersection's northwest corner, the proposal (revised on September 21, 2010) included 27 residential units: 11 one-bedroom units, 14 two-bedroom units, and 2 three-bedroom units.

This evening's agenda showed the application:
The Shoppes at Woods Tavern – Hillsborough Towne Center Assoc. File #BA-10-13 – Block 163.22, Lots 33 & 34 (formerly known as Block 163, Lots 33 & 34) – Intersection of Route 206 & Amwell Road. Applicant is proposing a new mixed-use development for Town Center which adds one residential unit above the existing 18,324sf retail building fronting on Route 206; retains the existing 2-story office-retail building nearest the intersection of Amwell Road and Route 206; construct a new two-story mixed-use building at the rear of the property line; construct a new 3-story mixed-use building at the northerly property line; and construct a new 2-story mixed-use building between the existing building facing Route 206 and the proposed 3-story building to the rear of the property. Revised Plans (revised 09-21-10) provide the Applicant is proposing to construct a total of 27 residential units in the mixed-use buildings consisting of 11 one-bedroom units, 14 two-bedroom units, and 2 three bedroom units. The Applicant is seeking a ‘d’ USE variance for office uses on the first floor of a mixed-use building; a ‘d’ USE variance; ‘d’ USE variance for residential units; BULK variance from minimum building height; 2 BULK variances from maximum front yard setback; and BULK variance from parking requirements on property located in the TC District.

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