Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Halinka Polish Deli

Halinka Polish Deli has been open for a few months and if you haven't been there yet...go!

The front of the store has a small Polish grocery section which is useful to those of Polish descent who miss a taste of home, but you will really strike gold if you go a little further back to the case with the hot homemade food where you can load up buffet-style a selection of Polish food .

Two of the HNJJ staff - one Polish-Ukrainian food aficionado and one newbie -loaded up a few containers to go. Both loved the kielbasi, hunters stew, potato pancakes,and breaded chicken.

The Polish gourmet thought the stuffed cabbage had more meat in it than he was used to, but pointed out that the filling can vary from home-to-home and village-to-village. In his opinion, the blintz wasn't quite to his taste, but he may be more used to Americanized Brooklyn blintzes.

For dessert go for the warm blueberry pierogis. Fabulous! You can only hope that they aren't seasonal with the blueberries; once you try them you will want them all year.

There is a dessert case, but many of the items didn't seem to be purely Polish. The poppy seed cake looked good for a future visit to this family owned deli.

Non-cooks tip: If you look at the slideshow above, notice that if you put the food on a plate it looks as though you made it yourself.

There are a few tables in the deli if you want to eat there.

The Halinka Polish Deli is located in Hillsborough at the Shoppes at Woods Tavern, 438 Route 206 South (just a few hundred feet north of Amwell Road).
Telephone (908) 829-3271.

For more info go to the Hillsborough Economic & Business Development Commission site here.

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Kay Dennison said...

I love good Eastern European food!