Saturday, December 20, 2008

Weather Cocooning

With this weekend's snowy/sleety weather, the nostalgia of the holidays, the economy, and our attempts to eat a healthier diet, we did a lot of home cooking today.

Added in the freezer (with the container of Mom's Turkey Carcass Soup) is now Corn and Ham Chowder, Shelby's Hamburger Stroganoff (just defrost, add sour cream, serve over noodles), and some loaves of Amish Friendship Bread.

Tomorrow we will bake more Amish Friendship Bread. Monday we will bake more AFB..and maybe Tuesday. And Wednesday...

We had two friends who have never baked this sweet loaf who were ready to take two bags of AFB starter on Friday, but our meeting was canceled due to weather. Anyone who has ever had this starter realizes that I now have enough to make at least a dozen loaves of AFB.

If you live close enough you will get a loaf as a holiday present. And if you are really lucky we will give you your own bag of starter.


If you have never had Amish Friendship Bread, just Google it...


Dave said...

This is a very nice sweet bread. I really enjoyed it. The wife is going to add some different flavores in the next couple of breads. Can't wait.

How long can the starter be saved without using it?


Hughes ap Williams said...

It does make a nice bread. It reminds me of the honey cake my mother-in-law makes.

We have gone over by two or three days with the starter and still had great results. The friend who gave it to us once forgot hers for almost a week and it kind of separated and smelled she tossed it and got a new one from us. If you Google it there are suggestions from a lot of people who have gotten overwhelmed by the whole process - freezing, refrigerating, "feeding" the starter less during the process, putting more in the breads, and alternate recipes.

I haven't tried any of these, but we did find a pancake recipe that uses 2 cups and is now a household favorite.