Thursday, December 11, 2008

Birdseed Investment

Last week, when the Weather Channel forecast cold temperatures over the weekend, we made a trip to The Belle-Mead Co-op to purchase birdseed.

As we buy in bulk it ran over $100, but will last for months and next summer, when we are growing our Recession Garden [or Depression Garden?], the birds will return the favor by eating the bugs attacking our vegetable plants.

We also purchase Pappy's Wildlife Feed, which is inexpensive compared to the regular seed. If you put it on a tray feeder it keeps the messy big bullies (such as blue jays) away from the feeders with the expensive stuff in them.

Of course, within days the weather warmed up, but that's okay. We like having the birds around.

We put birdseed on our Christmas list last year to help our family members who never know what to get the "older relatives who don't need anything that we can afford", but this year - the economy being what it is - we are trying to cut back on the list.

The picture was taken with a digital SLR held up to a telescope.

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Val said...

Wow! Awesome pix!