Sunday, December 21, 2008

It's Christmas All Year

Our Christmas decorations were all in place early this year, for once.

Really early. Okay, I confess, they have been up all year…we never took them down. But there was a reason.

In January we thought that we were going to start some construction on our house, maybe by February or March which would require completely emptying our garage, including the upstairs attic where we store our Christmas trees and swags and ornaments, so it wasn’t worth putting them right away. We moved the tabletop Christmas trees into the dining room and the office and kept the fireplace mantle decorations in place. The little knick-knacks either stayed where they were or just moved out of sight.

We did take the porch lights down and put them in a box in the office, but the little outside Charlie Brown tree kept its lights…which we stopped turning on in April [when the neighbors who were trying to sell their house started "kidding" us about it].

Now, as often happens with construction, it didn’t exactly start when we expected. It kept being put back a few weeks at a time. In fact it didn’t start until August and was still going in September and we were putting in the finishing touches in October and, well, you can understand that by the end of October it’s hardly worth putting the Christmas decorations away.

All you have to do is dust them off.


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