Monday, July 15, 2013

Open Space Confusion?

Hillsborough's press release regarding Proposed Ordinance 2013-17 headlined Open Space Fund Expanded Use Proposal contained this surprising statement:
“Over 30% of Hillsborough Township is preserved from development in open space and this ordinance would permit a ballot question to be placed on the upcoming November 5, 2013 General Election, allowing the voters of Hillsborough to weigh in on whether or not the use of funds from the Open Space Fund can be expanded for additional uses,” stated Mayor Frank DelCore during his comments upon introducing the ordinance.
Intuitively this 30% number seemed, well, just wrong.

Research produced an October 2011 report, Preserved Lands in Hillsborough Township showing "Percent of Land Preserved 30.19%" with a breakout of the numbers.

It is this breakout that explains the confusion.

The report's 30.19% - a total of 10,411 acres - includes such properties as lots owned by NJ DEP/DOT, the Hillsborough section of the Somerset County Sourland Preserve, preserved farmland, Duke Farms wetland easements, and private conservation easements. Would Hillsbrough have the right to develop State-owned, county-owned or privately owned land?

Finally there is Preserved Open Space - Hillsborough 1,679 acres.

Interesting. 1,679 acres is 4.8% of Hillsborough's 35,008 acres, not 30.19%, and Open Space is not the same as preserved land.

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Ball of Confusion 1970 by Tushratta

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