Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Cautionary Tale for Hillsborough

In 1998 Bernardsville voters approved an Open Space Trust Fund.  In 2008 voters approved a referendum allowing the use of 20% of the fund for the development of open space properties.   [Hillsborough voters, does this sound familiar so far?]

Before the Bernardsville referendum a recreation study showed a need for more playing fields. [ mean they did the needs study first?  What a concept!]  But, stuff happens; Hurricane Sandy's cleanup cost money and their Board of Education proposed building an artificial field on borough-owned property.

In November, 2012, Bernardsville voters decisively defeated a plan to pay for a $1.2-to-$1.4-million artificial field with 66% voting no.  Unfortunately a non-binding referendum.

Undeterred, the council is now proposing a November, 2013, referendum to decide whether to pay for the new artificial field with Open Space monies or a 10-year bond.  Yes, they are going ahead anyway.

It may be worthwhile for Hillsborough residents to watch what is happening just up the road in the northern end of Somerset County.

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