Saturday, December 8, 2012

Foxie and Bo

The HNJJ crew is proud to announce the addition of Foxie to our family...
In mid-October she was turned in as a stray to a West Virginia county shelter. According to her intake papers she weighed about 3-pounds and now weighs over 7-pounds. She was brought north by a NJ rescue group, spayed, cared for medically, groomed, and posted on Petfinder.

For the past two weeks Foxie and Miss Rose have been trying to work out the pecking order, but finally seem to have settled things without any bloodshed. Toonces the cat doesn't care...she knows she is top cat.
To celebrate Foxie's adoption and the holidays, here is White House dog Bo checking out the White House holiday decorations. This is also in memory of HNJJ's favorite Portuguese Water Dog Yoko...

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