Monday, December 3, 2012

Duke Farms and Hurricane Sandy

Due to damage caused by Hurricane Sandy on the Duke Farms property in Hillsborough (primarily downed and weakened trees) the main walking  and bicycling paths in the public area referred to as the "core" are still closed.  Only the Orientation Center and the nearby paths are open.

Additionally, Duke Farms' bald eagle nest suffered extensive damage. The tree in which it was located is down and the aerie broken up.  Duke Farms' Eagle Cam site has more information at the Post Hurricane Sandy Update including the optimistic comment, "... The timing of the storm is promising as it occurred prior to the nesting season, providing ample time for the pair of eagles to rebuild a nest. The State of New Jersey Fish and Wildlife and Duke Farms are eager to see if the pair will reconstruct their nest in the same location."

 According to, "...Even when a nest tree falls or a strong wind blows a nest down, the established pair usually rebuilds at or near the site ...".
For more information and updates go to the Duke Farms website.
Photograph of Orientation Center opening day courtesy of Susan Gulliford. Eagles' nest photo from Duke Farms online Eagle Cam 2011.

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