Friday, January 6, 2012

Green Village: The Traffic Snarl

The Hillsborough Township Planning Board continued hearing the Green Village application for a major development on the east side of Route 206 between Valley and Partridge Roads.

As proposed by the applicant [Route 206 Enterprises, LLC], the 50-acre mixed-use plan includes 469 rental apartments including 117 affordable housing units, a clubhouse, two 10,000-square-foot retail buildings, and a 130-unit 130,000-square-foot extended stay hotel.

Prior to hearing the application, the board and the board attorney met in a 50-minute executive session regarding "potential litigation and attorney-client privilege matters" in relation to the Green Village application.

Traffic engineer Gary Dean, appearing for the applicant, presented extensive information regarding traffic movement statistics, the traffic problems that will inevitably occur at the only two exits from the proposed development onto Route 206, and possible corrective modifications.

The suggested changes, including left-turn lanes, jughandles, and additional traffic lights, were met with skepticism and confusion by residents who addressed the board.

The Green Village application will continue at the March 1,2012 meeting at the Hillsborough Township Municipal Complex.

The Green Village application as it appeared on the agenda:

GREEN VILLAGE – File #11-PB-11-SR (previously referenced as 11-PB-11-MJFSR) – Block 141, Lot 30 – Route 206 North. (AMENDED Application) Applicant requesting Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval to develop the subject property containing 50.0016 acres with 469 apartments, of which 352 units will be market rate and 117 units will meet the Township’s affordable housing obligation. A clubhouse with recreational amenities, 20,000 sq. ft. of retail space and a 130 room extended stay executive suites hotel in the GV District. The Planner Report dated 09-19-11 finds the following ‘c’ Bulk Variances: tree removal (31% allowed: 75.44% proposed); encroachment into buffer area (Building #34) for currently proposed trash area; Sign Waiver; and Fence (height) Waiver. The Applicant is requesting an Economic Hardship Waiver for tree mitigation for property in the GV District (previous request for major preliminary and final subdivision has been withdrawn). (EC Review: 09-26-11). Carried from December 01,2011 without further notice.

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