Friday, December 30, 2011

Municipal Building Rename ?

At the Hillsborough Township Committee meeting of December 13, 2011, Committeeman Anthony Ferrera proposed "renaming the municipal building...The Peter J. Biondi Building" in honor of our assemblyman who died on November 10th.

After reading several comments regarding this proposal on the Hillsborough Patch, the HNJJ crew suggests that the proposal be amended to add "The Peter J. Biondi Building" below the current Hillsborough Township Municipal Complex sign.

This prevents any confusion about what the building is, helps visitors, and maintains the Hillsborough Township identity while still honoring Mr. Biondi.

Additionally, one of the online commentators asked how much this name change would cost, a legitimate question in these economic times. Adding a line below the present name would certainly save the cost of the unnecessary removal of the current signs.

A more significant saving would be realized in the replacement of all the stationary and places where the municipal building appears online. As such items as business cards and letterhead are restocked, the line reading "The Peter J. Biondi Building" could be added/inserted into the address.

The HNJJ crew would like to have seen this honor presented apart from the Township Committee reorganization, maybe at the Memorial Day ceremony which meant so much to Mr. Biondi.
The HNJJ slideshow of Mr. Biondi can be viewed here.

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