Sunday, December 11, 2011

Belmar = Ecological Education

Visiting Belmar this past summer proved to be not only fun, but educational.

Thanks to a series of Treasure Trail signs located throughout the town, tourists - well, everyone - can learn about the original shore, the dunes, the geology of Silver Lake, and Shark River's name, birds, and fish.

According to the Belmar website:
"...The Treasure Trail in Belmar is an interactive educational initiative developed in 2005 by the New Jersey Marine Sciences Consortium/New Jersey Sea Grant (NJMSC/NJSG) in partnership with the Belmar Environmental Commission (BEC) and is meant to educate beachgoers about coastal ecosystems and beach dynamics in Belmar..."
Additionally, along the jetty where fishing takes place, there is a fishing line recycling container with information about the danger of carelessly discarded fishing line.
For more information about the Belmar Treasure Trail, go here.

The Belmar website also provides a link to Belmar: A Natural & Historical Treasure which also includes their Environmental Resources Inventory.

There is also an Educational Activities Supplement online, An Addendum to the Belmar Environmental Resources Inventory.

- by Susan Gulliford

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