Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hidden Brook Development Application

The Hillsborough Township Planning Board began hearing TJC Development's application seeking approval to build Hidden Brook development off South Woods Road.

The proposed 16-home development would be located on a 22.7-acre lot on the east side of South Woods Road between Sturwood Drive and Township Line Road across from Deer Haven Drive. [The South Woods Soccer field is just to the north.] The site is currently undeveloped, mostly wooded with open field to the north.

As designed, there would be 16 single-family dwellings and one bioretention facility lot [stormwater management facility] on an internal loop road with all access from South Woods Road.

According to their proposal, the homes would be located on minimum one-acre lots and are expected to have an average sales price of $825,000.

The Planning Board began hearing this application at their October 14th meeting, but due to the lateness of the hour it was continued to December 2nd.

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Francis said...

I'd prefer to see this land used for bike and walking paths, or agriculture, if that was even a possibility.