Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Life Is Good

In the last two years at our house we have endured a catastrophic illness, a drop in income, a decline in the worth of our investments, a weakening in the real estate values in our area, a decrease in the interest rates being paid on our savings, a van than occasionally starts and stops several times before proceeding, and the deaths of our old dog and one of our cats.

But…life is good.

We survived the illness, our income is still sufficient to meet our needs, our investments have recovered, the companies in which we own stocks are still high-quality and producing stuff that people need - like food and soap and medicine, our house is still worth twice what we paid for it, we still have our savings and have managed to add to them, the van keeps running if you know how to do a thing with the clicker involving a series of button pushes, we know that we did the best we could for our deceased pets, and we have rescued – and become attached to - yet another dog and cat.

Oh, yeah…and the old cat is putting up with the new cat and dog. Any of you who ever owned a cat know that’s a positive accomplishment in itself.

Notice the welcoming expression on her face...

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