Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Hillsborough Elementary School: In Play

Hillsborough School is officially in play.

Any residents who contributed to the Township's town center design charettes has to have noticed that the elementary school at the corner of State Route 206 and Amwell Road (Somerset County Route 514) didn't appear on the maps.

At the Planning Board meeting of June 10,2010, township planner Bob Ringelheim reviewed three draft ordinances for the consideration of the Board, one of them being "Revisions to Town Center Regulations". One of those amendments involved Hillsborough Elementary School.

Mr. Ringelheim pointed out that the school is located on a prime site, one of the highest valued sites in the Town Center zone. Obviously, a township can't just raze a school without providing for a replacement. So, the town is proposing a bonus of three additional dwelling units per acre (with a cap on the number of units) to encourage a potential developer to provide a new school site and build a new school at no cost to the taxpayers.

The Investopedia definition of "in play" seems perfect for this post's purpose: "...A slang phrase used to describe a firm who has become a potential takeover target or has put itself up for sale. Once a bid is made, a company is put "in play" and will often attract additional bidders..."

As the HNJJ doesn't have a zoning specialist or politician on its staff, for more information, watch the tape of this meeting on the local government channel or through the Township website or stop in at the municipal building.

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