Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hillsborough Committee Reorganization 2010

The Hillsborough Township Committee Reorganization Meeting was held this evening, but there wasn't much reorganizing.

Girl Scout Troop 1052 presented the colors:

Assemblyman (and Hillsborough resident) Pete Biondi swore in re-elected Committee Members Carl Suraci and Robert Wagner:

The Committee then chose Frank DelCore to serve as Mayor again:

The Committee chose Committee Member Gloria McCauley to serve as Deputy Mayor:

Perhaps the most meaningful - and emotional - item on the evening's agenda was the proclamation honoring the late John F. Guerrera who died on November 8, 2009.

He was a visionary Township Committee Member from 1961 to 1966 and 1969 to 1971 and Hillsborough's Mayor in 1965, 1966, and 1971. The proclamation honored him for the foresight and leadership he showed starting the Police Department in 1964, the Municipal Utilities Authority in 1965, and introducing the (then-unpopular) Planned Unit Development concept.

His daughters Midge Guerrera and Susan Niedt accepted the Proclamation.

Photographs courtesy of Susan Gulliford.

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Greg Gillette said...

I wrote briefly about Mayor Guerrera last year - and included a page from his High School Yearbook!