Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mom's Turkey Carcass Soup

Thanksgiving is next week and we have spent almost enough at the grocery store to get our free turkey.

My mother-in-law already got a turkey breast which is being stored in our freezer and we have a large turkey in there from my sister-in-law. Since we are going out to our niece's for the actual big day, it is imperative that we use our free turkey.

My mother, who died in 2007, made a really traditional Thanksgiving dinner, followed up the day after by her turkey soup using the picked-over turkey carcass. Mom probably cooked this not only for financial reasons and because we all loved it, but because we did not waste food in our house!

In the past I have felt guilty throwing out the picked over turkey carcass knowing that I should be making soup with it. About 10 years ago I felt so guilty that I even tried making the soup...unsuccessfully. It was really awful. And what's with the really disgusting scum that developes when you start boiling the carcass? And do I even have a big-enough pot?

With today's recession and us being semi-retired, I have decided that it is time to try again. I have combed through her recipes that I inherited, but to no avail. There is no written Mom's Turkey Carcass Soup instructions.

I went on line, entering "turkey carcass soup", and printed out four recipes whose ingredients sound vaguely familiar.

My sweetheart remembers the last time we tried this and has advised me that although I am welcome to try again, I am on my own.

I'll let you know how it turns out this time...


Kay Dennison said...

Please do!!! I'm not doing a turkey. I think it's just going to be me so I'll go by my grocer's deli and pick up a turkey breast and fixins. This way I have leftovers for turkey sandwiches!

trumpeter3 said...

Never,ever toss a perfectly good turkey carcass, mystery blogger!In return for aformentioned carcass, someone in a local group of musicians promises to give you a bowl of sensational homemade turkey soup in return! We were never allowed to waste food at our house either!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Thanksgiving to you two!!!