Saturday, November 24, 2007

Painted Ladies

Sometimes you see something that brightens your day:

or makes you wonder:

and what these Hillsborough houses always make me wonder is:
Are these the colors they wanted or did they look different on the little chips?


Val said...

I LOVE it! Where did you find these houses?

Hughes ap Williams said...

The pumpkin house is on Kender Court and the multicolor house is on Township Line Road west of Woods Road.

Any others I missed?

Val said...

I'll keep a lookout for you. Hey, I do recall one very bright pink house up by Majestic Knolls, Triangle Rd - that development south of the football field. Maybe some other nifty colored houses in there also - the older part of that development is built like quasi-Victorian beach house community, with lots with wrap-around decks and cute white woodwork. Very vacationy feel to them, very inviting looking.