Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Want That Job

Last week there was an article in a local newspaper about former Beatle Paul McCartney being photographed kissing a woman whose family has roots in Edison.

Buried in the story was this paragraph:
“…[Paul McCartney’s] spokesman told the Associated Press, ‘We don’t comment, as a policy, on private or business affairs’…”

That quote has stuck with me.

If they don’t comment on McCartney’s private affairs or business affairs, exactly what is it that they do? I know that the rich are different, but I can’t come up with something in my own life that doesn’t fall under one of those categories.

Now we know that McCartney has lots of money - just ask Heather Mills who is currently suing him for divorce. But that still shouldn’t justify a public relations firm charging him good money to do no work.

Being an honest person who could definitely do the same job as his current spokesperson, I would like to apply to be the PR person for McCartney. I promise that I will charge him less for doing the same work(?) that his current firm does.

Where do I send my resume?


Spokey said...

Let's not get into a bidding war on how little we will charge for doing nothing.

You should not be surprised though, this is common practice. My own brother has offered to come and work for my company as director of vacations and holidays.

When he sent his resume, it was blank.

Hughes ap Williams said...

Did he get the job?