Wednesday, October 3, 2012

HTPB Hearing Extended Care Proposal

On Thursday, October 4th, the Hillsborough Township Planning Board will begin hearing the Harding Corona,LLC, application proposing the construction of a five-building extended care facility on Route 206 near Old Somerville Road.

The 8.946-acre site is on the east side of Route 206 between Old Somerville Road and Doctor's Way, across from the historic Van der Veer-Harris House. This is also the proposed intersection of Route 206 and the Route 206 Bypass.

According to the application, an existing house and garage would be demolished, to be replaced with a medical/administrative office, two residential buildings, a dining-recreation building, and an activities building. The two residential buildings would contain a total of 28 bedrooms housing 56 patients. The five buildings would total 34,115 square feet.

The waivers requested include parking lot aisle width, parking space size, and stream encroachment.

The stream encroachment involves an easterly-flowing tributary to the Royce Brook on the north side of the property. A report from the township's engineering firm points out that a portion of the proposed stormwater management facility, outfall, driveway, emergency driveway, utilities, and grading are within the 100-foot DRCC stream corridor buffer and/or Hillsborough's 150-foot stream corridor. The applicant also proposes planting some replacement trees within the DRCC buffer and conservation easements.

Harding Corona is also requesting an Economic Hardship Waiver from Hillsborough's Tree Mitigation ordinance which, if approved, would require only a $27,198 contribution by the applicant. The ordinance requires a $325-per-tree contribution. The construction would involve the removal of 189 6-to-12-inch trees, 23 13-to-24-inch trees, and two 25+-inch trees, and the planting of 160 replacement trees.

The center is also referred to as the GenPsych complex and is associated with Somerset psychiatrist Dr. Henry Odunlami. The property is owned by the Kulina Asset Management Trust.

The Planning Board meeting starts on October 4th, 2012, at 7:30 p.m. at the municipal building. In January, 2011 the planning Board heard the applicant's concept plan.

From October 4th Hillsborough Township Planning Board agenda:
HARDING CORONA, LLC – File #12-PB-05-SR – Block 182, Lot 37 – 351 Route 206. Applicant seeking Preliminary and Final Major Site Plan approval with Waivers: 2-way parking lot aisle; parking lot rows; parking stall
size; maximum front yard setback; pole lighting height; fencing; stream encroachment and an Economic Hardship Waiver requested to construct a 5 building extended care facility with medical and administrative offices totaling 34,115SF in the HS District (EC: 09-24-12).

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