Thursday, September 8, 2011

North Branch Park Dog Shows Cancelled

This weekend's entire four-day North Branch Cluster of dog shows has been cancelled due to flooding at the Somerset Park Commission's North Branch Park including:
Thursday, Sept 8 – Three specialty shows: Central New Jersey Hound Association, Non-Sporting Group Club of the Garden State, Big Apple Sporting Society

Friday, September 9 – Tuxedo Park Kennel Club

Saturday, September 10 - Somerset Hills Kennel Club

Sunday, September 11 – Westchester Kennel Club

Usually when I write about dog shows I advise my readers that "dog shows are held in all but the most dangerous weather" so they should plan accordingly. Since the beginning of my involvement in dog shows in 1975 I have never run across a cancelled show so this is another indication of how serious Hurricane Irene and the follow-up rain storms are.

According to the AKC website, there has also been a show cancellation in North Conway, New Hampshire,...another area hard by flooding.

Because our photographer Susan Gulliford was looking forward to this weekend's shows as a break from cleaning out her water-damaged basement and it's contents, we are including a slideshow of her photographs from Somerset Hills Kennel Club shows back to 2004. Once again Blogger has cut off the right side of some of the pictures.

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