Friday, August 5, 2011

Somerville Cruise - August 5th

Somerville Cruise Night is here again with another all-American evening featuring a Corvette specialty and the Connie Tarantino Summer Concert featuring Heather Mulvey.

Enjoy some Corvettes from past cruises...

According to her Myspace page (where you can listen to a few of her songs), guitarist Heather Mulvey performs traditional Americana, Celtic, and contemporary folk songs. The concert is from 7-8 p.m. on the county courthouse steps.

Reminders: wear comfortable shoes and bring a camera. Cruise Night is outdoors. Nice place to bring your dog if he or she is well behaved and does well in crowds. Don't touch the cars without the owners' permission.

Many Main Street restaurants provide outside dining on Cruise Nights at reasonable prices. Many of the area businesses stay open for cruise...patronize them.

This is a true cruise with many of the cars driving up-and-down Main careful.

There is an oldies DJ at the church on West Main Street and more cars in the lot behind the church.
For more information about the Somerville Cruise Nights go here.

For more information about Heather Mulvey go here.

For more information about the Connie Tarantino Summer Concerts go here.

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