Friday, October 8, 2010

Slowing Sonic Speed

Local residents meet with their attorney following the Planning Board meeting.

Last night's exceptionally short Hillsborough Township Planning Board meeting seemed to be a major disappointment to those who hoped for a chance to comment and a decision on Thomas Mascia's application to construct a SONIC restaurant at Route 206 and Oxford Place.

The brief meeting - less than a half-hour - seemed to be an unexpected turn of events even to the Planning Board chairman who had announced that the board would hear the application only until 9:30 p.m.

Approximately 80 residents who are opposing the application appeared, represented by attorney Ron Gasiorowski. Mr. Gasiorowski raised a jurisdictional question, suggesting that the application should have been heard by the township's Board of Adjustment, not the Planning Board.

After a recess to allow the lawyers for the Board and the neighborhood objectors to meet, the application was carried to the Planning Board meeting of December 9th.

The date for the next hearing is after the elections.
Quelle surprise!
Photo courtesy of Susan Gulliford.

1 comment:

Douglas said...

Just for a point of clarification, the application was held after the attorney for the applicant and the attorney representing the residents spoke and could not resolve there concerns over jurisdiction and other matters.

The applicant requested that the application be held until he could answer the attorney for the residents question. The application cannot be heard until December not because of the election, but because we had applications already scheduled for the 10/14/2010 and following meetings.

Besides that, great story and keep up the good work.