Saturday, August 1, 2009

An Eventful Day

Today at our house there were two events of note: there was no rain and we finally harvested our first ripe tomato.

Readers not from the Central Jersey area should understand that usually local gardeners vie for the first tomatoes of the season around July Fourth. Someone will proudly present The Ripe Tomato at an Independence Day picnic while tossing off the comment, "Well, I just picked this from the garden as we were leaving. I figured you might want to slice it on some of the burgers."

Of course, at this point the other gardeners are supposed to admire The Tomato (no matter how grudgingly) before it is sliced.

But this year, with all the cool wet weather, the tomatoes are really late - if they exist at all.

So I am proud to announce that today we picked one ripe Sweet One Hundred Cherry tomato (about one-inch across), cut it in half, and savored it.

As for the weather report, suffice it to say that in order to get to the tomato plants I have put down extra compost along the vegetable garden paths so I don't sink into or slip on the mud.

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Thrifty and Proud of It said...

I am probably breaking some blog etiquette with this comment: You wrote on my blog on June 29 asking me what a presentation dress is. I am sorry that I did not respond. My daughter was presented, meaning that she was a debutante--long white dress, flowers, involving promenading and dancing with her dad, escort and some other fellows before the "good" band started playing for which we stayed just a little bit and left "so that the young people could have some fun."