Monday, May 7, 2007

Hillsborough's Website Whimsy

The Hillsborough Township Website includes a spot where various pictures of the township slowly fade in and out: the old church at Amwell and Main, barns and silos, the Garden of Honor at the Municipal Building.

They are beautiful verdant pictures, but I am not sure they represent most of Hillsborough as it currently exists and I have been pondering why they were chosen.

Are we proud of our past and not our present? Are we embarrassed by our current landscape? Is there something wrong with townhouses or condominiums, or the towers, or Route 206? Will pictures of our high school remind prospective residents of our soaring school taxes? Are photographs of strip malls so universal that they don’t speak of Hillsborough in particular?

If strangers saw those and came here to visit they would think they were in the wrong town. Maybe it’s time to do some updating.

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