Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Corzine's Support (?) Staff

Following New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine’s motor vehicle accident last week, the list of his injuries included a compound fracture of his left leg. The national media noted that our last three governors have suffered broken legs.

Now, these injuries didn’t have anything to do with The Sopranos despite what residents of the other 49 states may think. It probably doesn’t have to do with our superfund sites or something in the NJ water affecting their bones. If memory serves me, Whitman broke her leg skiing, McGreevey fell down a sand dune, and Corzine had his car accident. [Those are our stories here in NJ and we’re sticking by them!]

The day after Corzine had his accident, while he was unconscious and in the midst of multiple surgeries for a long list of serious injuries, I was amazed to see his spokesperson at a news conference say that the Governor would be back at work in a week. The media was amazed to hear that assessment. Doctors were amazed although at least one was kind enough to point out that the spokesperson did not have a medical degree.

A week later Corzine was still basically unconscious and not breathing on his own, but the next day (this past Friday) he was finally coming back into consciousness. Over the weekend he was able to respond to questions by nodding his head, soooo….

His staff (remember them? The guys that are supposed to be on his side?) now claimed that he would be able to work from his bed shortly wherever that bed would be – the hospital, the governor’s mansion, his apartment in Hoboken.

Everyone was amazed again – press, doctors, etc. Now that he is conscious, I wonder if Corzine was also astonished to hear that he is all better and just about able to go back to work.

Let me just remind you again in case you forgot. These guys are on his staff. They are on his side.


Richard Codey is our acting Governor again, the first time being when McGreevey retired. I actually learned how to do a write-in vote during our last gubernatorial election, so I could vote for him. One of Codey’s first reactions to becoming Acting Governor again was that he couldn’t go out in the morning in his pajamas to get his newspaper.

You gotta love New Jersey!


Please notice that I didn’t say anything about the Governor not wearing his seatbelt or his driver speeding 91 mph with the emergency lights on when there was no emergency. I just wanted you to notice that I didn’t point that out.

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