Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Traveling Vietnam Wall: Clark and Garwood

This is a personal post by one of the HNJJ photographers who grew up in Clark and went to Arthur L. Johnson Regional High School which Garwood students also attended.

These seven names on the Vietnam Wall honor residents of Clark and Garwood in Union County. They played on the same streets we did, went to some of the same schools. They grew up. They graduated...

Joseph Vincent Whelan - Garwood - 1942-1969

John Winters - Clark - 1950-1969

Thomas Edward Badavas - Garwood - 1946-1967

Richard Danner Hartman - Clark - 1935-1967

Kenneth Edward Kuspiel - Clark - 1947-1968

Robert Lee Sevell - Clark - 1943-1968

Kevin Corcoran - Garwood - 1950-1968

Forever Young by Joan Baez

Each name is linked to their Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall Page.
The photographs were taken at the Traveling Vietnam Wall last week in Bridgewater, NJ.
Thank you.
Susan G. - ALJRHS Class of 1968

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